Friday, April 09, 2004

I can see you with my eyes closed

it's been almost twelve hours since my last post. Not much is new. I cleaned the bathroom today until I got high on cleaner fumes (and by high, I mean dizzy). I cleaned the newly defrosted freezer. I forgot to take the garbage out, though. crap. I'll do that tomorrow morning.

I watched Apocalypse Now tonight. Damn, I love that movie.

Kurtz has been on my mind lately. I was reading today about how Marlon Brando hated the script for Kurtz at the end of the movie and ended up demanding that he be shot in the shadows and also that he adlibbed most of his lines. I just find that incredible, because I honestly can't imagine Kurtz being done any other way than what he is in Apocalypse Now. And he makes Eliot references!

The same edition of James Frazer's The Golden Bough is in one of the seminar rooms at school, and I often consider stealing it.

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