Saturday, April 10, 2004

you call this justice?

the mathman moved out for real today. It was a very sad day. The house is a disaster and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with it, since (as predicted) it's becoming more and more apparent that the bulk of the work is going to be done by me.

I celebrated easter today with my sister. We had ham and asparagus and garlic bread and apple pie. It was awesome. We also watched ten episodes of CSI, and I feel like I'm going to explode. I bought some baking supplies at Some Frills today so I might make some chocolate chip cookies's been literally YEARS since I've had real homemade cookies, as opposed to those Pillsbury ones in the roll. (Although, I must admit that I've eaten more than my fair share of chocolate chip cookie dough from those rolls...)

I watched a episode of a TV show called Exhibit A last night and one of my co-workers from The Historic Site That Shall Not Be Named was in it.

Maybe I'll make bread tomorrow, I found three packages of dry yeast in my cupboard when I was poking through there. If not bread, maybe some soft pretzels...or foccacia. Which, I guess, is technically bread, but whatever.

Watching CSI makes me paranoid.

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