Monday, April 12, 2004


I made chocolate chip cookies today and they are excellent. Project Bread didn't happen because my yeast died (sniff) but I may rectify that in the future. Who knows?

I watched the MTV Becoming today (because I was bored and lonely) on Britney Spears's I'm A Slave 4 U, and it was really bad, except that the guy in the Becoming video who licked Not-Britney's face was wearing an April Wine t-shirt. Yes, April Wine, as in semi-obscure 70s Canadian rock band. who are actually quite a good band, just not the sort fhtat one would expect people in Non-Britney Spears videos to be wearing.

I had my Pilates class tonight and it felt so good. I skipped one of the classes last week because of my Feminist Theory paper and my body was really not happy about it. It's funny how much I've really come to enjoy the exercise, and I will really miss it when I return to Elmvale, although I will hopefully be joining a gym there when I get back, and doing some biking besides. I want to be a lot more active this year.

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