Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I said I didn't give a fuck about hockey...and yes, I meant it

While I'm as happy as anyone about the Leafs winning (okay, that's a total lie), I really don't feel like my neighbours need to be using their drum kit to bash out a rhythm to yell "go leafs go" by. Of course, I'm bothered by the fact that it's Maple Leafs, but that's because I'm an insecure grammar nerd who is overcompensating.

If you're at all interested in things science-y and fun, you should check out The Gravity Probe B site, which is looking at the probe sent up by NASA, Stanford, and York University that is testing Einstein's theory of relativity. The data won't be ready for release for probably another two years, but this is pretty exciting, since the theory of relativity is a prretty important principle which so much work has been based on...and if it's wrong, well, there's a whole world of possibilities there.

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