Tuesday, April 13, 2004

she comes into focus, focus

Clean laundry is the shit. When my roommates moved out and into their own house, they took our washer and dryer, on the proviso that they provide laundry service for the rest of us until the end of the month. I did two loads today, which (ideally) should last me for the next ten days, until I moved home for the summer.

The university is screwing me around and I am really confused by it. I'm in a supplementary program called Orientation to Teaching, which is supposed to guarantee me a spot in teacher's college provided that I take three classes relating to education (a psych, a sociology, and a practicum) and maintain a 70 average on my undergrad. All in all, a pretty sweet deal. Last week I got a letter telling me that I wouldn't be finding out about my acceptance until my final grades were in and they've reviewed my OTT requirements. Which is irritating, but fine--except that some of my classmates, who are in similar programs and academic standing, have received their acceptance packages already. WTF?

A friend ran into a guy at the school who told her that the school is bell curving the OTT applicants to weed some of them out, because they have more OTT applicants than spaces available, so some people won't be getting in. I doubt that this would apply to me, as my current standing is just above an 80 (A-) but it has got me worried. Needless to say, if this is true, and I don't get in, it will not be pretty...the University would be in a very very bad place, public relations-wise.

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